Painting courses

The course will consist on guiding the students through the first basic steps in oil painting.

The idea of “stain” is a reference to the achievement of the necessary technique in color mixing and the drawing execution. In this way you manage to lose the fear of the blank canvas and discover the pleasure of painting.

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Crafts for children

The Crafts course is aimed at children who want to learn crafting and drawing.

We search to give technical resources and knowledge, so kids can experiment and develop them.

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The Projects course is a more advanced level than de Crafts one, since the projects we do involve art and science. That is the reason why the child must be able to understand and have a greater criterion.

It is intended for kids from 8 years old.

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Robotics courses for children

The Robotics Course proposes the student the learning of new technologies and of basic electronic, programming and 3D design concepts.

It is intended for kids from 9 years old.

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