The course will consist on guiding the students through the first basic steps in oil painting.

Wednesday 4:30 to 7:00 PM.
(Open Schedule)

1h/week – 40 euros per month
1,5h/week – 55 euros per month
2h/week – 65 euros per month

1 h. a week – 30 euros a month
1,5 h. a week – 40 euros a month
2 h. a week – 50 euros a month

The idea of “stain” is a reference to the achievement of the necessary technique in color mixing and the drawing execution. In this way you manage to lose the fear of the blank canvas and discover the pleasure of painting.

We will work on the colour mixing starting with the primary colours and we will be initiated in the “canvas staining” technique. We will also develop drawing, perspective, volume and shadowing techniques.

The course is designed to guide the students, avoid them to feel frustrated and make painting funny.

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