This activity is sent to us by Beatrice Sassi, 6 years old, from Puglia in Southern Italy.

She has sent us some pictures of the process and we have completed it.

Mostly don’t miss the video! You will hear her speak in Italian 😉

Activity time: minimum 1 hour.

Difficulty: Low

Age: from 6 years old

Caution:with scissors


  • 1 cardboard box
  • 1 scissors
  • Painter’s zeal
  • Colors to paint, paint, waxes, colored paper, etc…

Steps to follow:

1. Find a cardboard box the size you want. The bigger, the more you can play with your dolls and the more space you have to draw or decorate.

2. Take the cardboard box and put zeal on one side to close it. The face you choose to close is the front.

3. Then cut the sides of the other side and save them, we will use them later. Look, just like it’s pictured.

4. Draw the windows and the door on the front face, on which we have put the painter’s zeal. You can make the windows wherever you want and as many as you want.

Then with the scissors cut the inside of the windows so that they can be opened. Look at the picture. Care! Don’t cut it all or you’ll have a hole left!

5. Use the cartons we have saved when trimming the sides to create the floors of the house. It measures well the length of the cardboard that goes from side to side. You can mark it on the cardboard with a pencil and cut it.

Then, just hook the pieces of cardboard from behind.

Wherever you put a window, you create a flat.

Beatrice has made 3 levels or floors, 1 for each window.

In this image you can see how it looks from behind, inside.

6. Now that you have the structure done,decorate the house to your liking! Both the exterior and the interior. You can do it with pencils, paints, wax stickers, papers with drawings, etc. The more time you spend on the décor, the more beautiful it will be!

Dollhouses often have a different paper or drawing for each room. You can search for an image in case you want to spend time on the decoration.

In the windows you can draw a railing and put flowers or a cat walking. Let your imagination go free!

Remember to put a front door to the building and decorate it.

7. Here you can see what Beatrice has done! Look how good it looks when it’s finished!

Make the house to your liking and for your dolls.

I leave you the video you sent us explaining how to open the windows and the door. Merci Beatrice!

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