Draw a Theater for your dolls

This activity is designed so that children can make their own theater. You can use it with the doll that we have made with wire and newspaper or with dolls that you have at home.

Activity time: 1h 30 min approx.

Difficulty: Easy

Age: From 6 years old


  • Cardboard 30 x 50 cm approximate but you can do it the size you want or that you have.
  • Cardboard to make the support
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Tempera
  • Water
  • Brushes
  • A4 sheets in case you want to do the script (optional)


Steps to follow:

1. As we are making a theater, the first thing we are going to draw are the theater curtains. We will make the curtains on the sides and also the ones on the top. Normally, the theater curtains are red or bordeaux.

2. Now draw the background you want for your theater. Do it first in pencil in case you are wrong.




3. Here you can see some examples of backgrounds that children have made such as the beach, the castle, the forest or the abstract background used to tell all kinds of stories. It depends on the dolls you have and the story you want to tell.







4. For the cardboard to hold on, we have made some triangle-shaped supports to put it as a cardboard footing.

5. Cut out a cardboard triangle and on the top remove a bit to put the cardboard theater.




6. Now you have everything ready and you just have to paint it with paints!

7. If you want you can do the script of your story. We have done it with the children as it helps them visualize and understand what is happening.



Each child explains his story and represents it with the characters he has made.


8. Look how beautiful the scripts have been!




And now to enjoy inventing stories and creating new characters!!


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