This week children and adults have done natural drawing practices.

Children, adults and teachers have done a 5-minute shift model.


The children have had a lot of fun being the model of their classmates and inventing different postures.

Some have remained as still as a statue!

Others have found it tired.




Most have chosen poses with raised arms … and hold 5 minutes and without moving is complicated!


We have also made group poses to complicate it more and see the points of union or contact with their peers.

The children have drawn the outline of the movement to make it easier.

We adults have asked for more understanding of what they were seeing.

Do 5 minute quick practices, help to capture the essentials and dispense with the detail. It is a good exercise to accustom the eye to see the movement of the body, its lines and its forms. The drawing of the natural one needs capacity of analysis and to be able to observe the proportions and the gesture of the model.

Drawing from nature helps you understand and observe better !!!

The class has been very dynamic and very fun.

We will repeat for sure !!!


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