Come to draw in a relaxed way on Friday, March 1, from 6 pm-8pm.

We will have a glass of wine / a soda with pica-pica and while we listen to music, María Papalardi will guide us with our drawings.

This week we can not reveal the subject, the proposal will be totally Surprise !, but we are sure that you will enjoy the class.


The session is designed so that people of all levels can join.

The material you need for the activity is included.



When one starts in the drawing it is normal to have doubts about how to start. But breaking blocks and forgetting about the fear that can be faced with blank paper, you can get very good results with just a first session.

You just need to follow some guidelines and instructions to feel that you are the one who masters the pencil.

Drawing is learning to see. We must sharpen our eyes to understand what surrounds us and to be able to capture it on paper.

The drawing starts with the study of line and volume. Composition is an essential and primordial phase of drawing, so it is important to learn to compose on the support (drawing paper) and to provide the figure correctly. In addition, we teach chiaroscuro techniques to obtain effects of three-dimensionality and depth.

Learn to develop your style from a figurative and creative vision.

To sign up, send an email to or call 616.19.85.26

Do not hesitate and come to draw, we are sure that during those two hours you will enjoy the experience!


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