In this week of the Castanyada and Halloween, we have made an Escape room combined with Game of Tracks Pirate-themed for children .

We have prepared it for more than a month. We have looked for a theme that is interesting but that does not scare younger children.

Our pirate is called “Pirata de Foc” because he has red hair. It comes from a family of pirates and is already 14 years old. At this age, the Pirate Foc already independent and navigates the mare s with a sailboat built for herself. He is always looking for adventures. She is fearless, fun, fast, agile and very good.

Our character has a special adventure in this Escape room and with it the children have really enjoyed it!

Without just explaining the story, we can reveal some clues that the Pirate of Foc has left us as the secret message that you can see in this photo



Or his arrival in the village of the mummies



Where the Pirate of Foc had left some objects in a box for the children to touch them.



And a padlock with a password whose numbers have been previously sought by children.



In total, our game lasted 1 hour and a half.

It has been very fun to see how the children were passing the tests and the clues until the end.




If you want to make a Clue Game or an Escape roo m , the first thing you should do is look for a theme.

What is the story going to be about? Which is the main character?


And then you must develop a story .

To do this, it would be nice to know where the story goes, to describe the main character or action a bit.

For example, if the game is Horror, you should know where the game goes, why you got there and what you should get.

As you build the story, you can incorporate things, be they tests, clues, experiences, etc.

And do not forget to decide if the Game happens with the light on, off or with very little light, as is our case

Some typical tests are:

– Decipher the number of a padlock . For this, there are usually tests in which the result is a number. The sum of 3 tests will help you open the lock. Involve 3 tests that result in a number. You must also take into account what the padlock is for … is it used to open a box? To move to another room?

– Write a message with invisible ink . You can do it in two ways.

  1. Lemon juice message. If you take a stick from your ears and dip it in lemon juice you can use it as a brush and write on a sheet. As you write, you will see that nothing is seen. To decipher it you will have to put it in a heat source, either near a light bulb, with a hair dryer or a radiator.
  2. Message written with white wax. Any type of colored waxes for children will serve you, such as Plastidecor, Alpine, etc … If you use white to write, you will see how the message is not seen. To decipher it, you must paint over it with liquid paint, either watercolor or very liquid tempera.

– Tocatoca . Another very fun game to do with children is the Tocatoca . Seeks to prepare c aja cardboard or create your own carton and make a couple of holes so that children can put out to touch . It is about putting small bowls full of different things inside and that they, without seeing what it is, guess only with touch.

We have been changing every day. Some ideas :

Wet things for bowls:

– Soap songs

– Lentils with shaving foam

– Chicken gum with screws and liquid cornstarch

flour with grains

-Very small balloons inflated with water

You can also put things that are dry like :

-Pieces of dry bread with silver paper

-Papers and plastics with clips

-Cap caps with pistachio shells …

You can also put things of smell:

-Slice of lemon or orange

-Species like clove, cinnamon or cardamom


Find what you have at home and use it in your Toca-Toca. It’s just as fun to prepare it as to guess what you play.


– Put some riddle to be able to advance on the slopes . You can invent it or look for one already made on the internet.



– If you want you can disguise someone . We disguise a mummy boy



-You can make a puzzle that hints.



– Hide objects for search.


As you can see, there are a lot of activities to invent or do. Create yours, the ones that seem most fun to you and enjoy the Game!

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