Maria wanted to make this activity so cute because once, when she was a child, she ran out of a doll to play and her grandmother made this one for her. It is a simple but delicate and beautiful doll.

Activity time : 15-20 min approx. Unpainted.

Difficulty : low

Age : from 5 years

Caution: –


To make the doll you need:

  • 1 Pillowcase


  • 1 old rag


  • Some scrap of fabric you can paint (ask your parents)


  • Colored marker


Steps to follow:

1. Find the rag or anything cloth you can use for this activity. It would be nice if you could paint over it, so find something you can mess with.



2. Roll it up on the part where there is no seam.



3. When you finish rolling it up, when we get to the end, flip the fabric over. So:



4. So you can see it and understand it well, here is a video:




5. Now we just have to decorate it. You can paint her face, put her eyes, nose and mouth, and also decorate her dress.




Make and decorate yours!

Here are two dolls that Beatrice and María have made. Look how beautiful and how different!

You can add things to it, like bows, paint earrings, put a cap on, whatever you can think of… Enjoy doing it, that’s the most important thing.


Beatrice doll:


Maria doll:




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