Activity time : 40-50 min. approx

Difficulty: low

Age : For children of all ages. If l to make their own, from 5 years.


  • Flour: 3 servings
  • Salt: a dessert spoon
  • Water: between ½ and 1 portion
  • Oil: a splash
  • Food coloring
  • Container to put the mixture
  • 1 glass

Steps to follow :

1. First of all we are going to prepare the ingredients.

Take a glass the size you want, better if it is not very large. It will help us to prepare the proportions. It is the reference glass.

In the container to put the mixture add:

  • The Flour: 3 glasses of Flour
  • ½ glass of water
  • The salt
  • A small splash of oil

2. Mix the ingredients with your hands:

  • If you see that it is very dry and that there is not enough water, add water until it mixes well.
  • If, on the contrary, it is very sticky, it is because you have gone over with the water, add more flour to make it consistent.

3. The most to is to made when it is soft and easy to shape ( but notes the grains of salt ) . What gives it the softness is the oil.

4. If you want to color it add the food coloring .

We usually divide the dough into several parts in order to make each part a different color. So then you can combine colors and make dolls of different colors

You already have the Plasticine Made. Now to play with h!

Here below I leave you 2 videos so you can see how it is done.

In the 1st video you can see the ingredients it uses and how the mixture does. Listen carefully to the advice he gives you in case the dough does not fit you.

In the 2nd video , he explains how to color the dough with food coloring.

After making your modeling clay, you can make dolls with this colored mass. They are very beautiful!

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