We have 3D Printer:

We already have 3D Printer in Saleta de Creació. We have assembled it with the students and now we can print objects in 3 Dimensions.

We have Robotics class on Thursday afternoon. Cheer up to come and try it. You can print anything you want and learn how to use the printer program.




First steps with the 3D Printer:

We have designed key rings, robot parts, dog figures, small boats, dolls and a host of other things. It is very impressive to see how the 3D printer uses PLA plastic as ink and fuses it with the extruder. Little by little, the printer moves through the different axes and gives shape, by layers, to the objects. It really is magical!


Then you can paint and color to the taste of each child.


The use of new technologies:

Learning to use new technologies is currently basic for children. They will be your work tools. What is known as STEM are the abbreviations of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.


In the Saleta de Creació we want to promote the STEM and the STEAM that introduces Art.


That is why we seek to connect new technologies with art and creativity.


Everything you can think of, can be done !!!! Come and discover how !!!




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