The stained-glass windows change the light that enters the room turning it into a room full of magic and colors.

In the Gothic, colored stained-glass windows were placed in churches and cathedrals. In this way, the church was filled with colors and created an extraordinary space.

At that time there were master craftsmen who dedicated their lives to learning the trade. They were experts in coloring the glass and putting it together with lead. The masters got the fabulous stained glass windows of the gothic cathedrals that we know today.

The concept of light is abstract and very important in art. A good way to understand it and see how it produces changes is with color.

Apply colored paper and tissue paper:

You can make your room change color by making stained glass with card stock and colored tissue paper.

We have cut a black cardboard, as if it were a window, and we have stuck pieces of tissue paper of different sizes and colors.



If you play with shapes and colors … it’s more fun !!!! Use your imagination and do not be afraid to apply colors. Everything can be undone.

The papers can be superimposed to create new colors or to put smooth.

Try to draw silhouettes on the black card and see them through the colors … if you want you can leave some hooked.





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