This week children and adults have drawn a STILL LIFE WITH PLANTS.


CHILDREN have applied many of the things already learned.

This exercise requires practice:

-The composition, since they have to decide what part of the still life they are going to paint and from what point of view. The framing will determine the whole drawing, from the perspective to the applied colors. The composition to be beautiful, must be well compensated.

-The Volume, through the chromatic range and perspective. For example, using pure yellow as a contrast to the green of the leaves.

-To take into account the tonalities of colors existing in the same element. The same sheet has different shades of green, depending on the incidence of the light they receive.

Still life is a good exercise because the model, being alive, is always changing, varies according to the light and from one day to the next.

It is an exercise that requires a lot of observation. Often, we think that we are observing the model but, in reality, we are only painting by heart. It is necessary to do exercises to learn to observe how to measure the proportions of one thing with respect to the other, to take into account the distance of one element with another, the colors, etc. This part costs children a lot.




ADULTS have practiced the same with Andrés Moya but with greater difficulty.

Andrés Moya guides them in his class of “MANCHAR BIEN PARA PINTAR BIEN“, teaching them to find the colors to start smearing.

This exercise is the basis of a good painting.

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