Symmetrical drawings

The symmetrical drawings convey harmony since visually they are more balanced.

This week we practiced symmetry with children.

We have drawn a quarter of the drawing and they have completed the rest taking into account the dimensions, shapes and proportions.


Reflection symmetry

Symmetry is a concept that is a bit abstract and difficult to understand. A good way to check if the shape is correct is by putting the image in front of the mirror. This type of symmetry is called reflection symmetry.




Then the children, following the principle of symmetry, have made Mandalas with objects they have found in the Creation Saleta.

All the objects they have used are everyday objects such as brushes, markers, pencils, colored straws, stones, pineapples, wooden sticks, scraps of tissue paper, etc. We have used them in an unusual way.

Learning to use everyday things in a non-everyday way helps us to promote creativity and to think about other ways of doing things.

To make them there were only two conditions:

The first Mandala should start from the center and the second around the corners. Here you can see some images of the Mandalas.



Mandala types:

This activity has been very creative since the children have made different versions using the objects.


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