La Saleta de Creació is a space dedicated to impulse artistic creation.


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La Saleta de Creació is a space dedicated to promoting the artistic creation of children and adults. We make Painting for children and Painting for adults, Crafts, Projects, Robotics and Family Workshops on Friday afternoons so that parents and children can share a game and hobby time.

On Monday afternoon, the space becomes a Maker Space, that is, in a space where every child can come whenever they want and do the project they want. That day is meant for children to investigate at their own pace and get help to create their project.


La Saleta de Creació is a multi-purpose space in which everyone can do what they like most every day.

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    Painting for adults

    In Painting for Adults you have the opportunity to learn to draw and paint from the painter Andrés Moya, who is currently active and exhibiting in different galleries in Barcelona, Paris and Geneva.

    In addition, Andres does a Power Point Painting show once a month on various topics where he teaches us and analyzes the work of other painters.

    Painting for children

    In Painting for Kids, we teach them to use paints, to mix colors correctly, to draw and paint on easels, just like grown-ups.

    In Crafts, we do all kinds of things, from Origami, Paper Mache, Walking Water, Fluorescent Paint, even crafts that they request etc. There are endless things that can be done and all very fun. We seek to give the child tools so that they can extrapolate to other things.


    In Projects, the idea is to mix art and science. We do all kinds of experiments that we then explain to children. They are always simple but very exciting things, such as chromatography, paint flowers with food coloring, constructions, Plastilina conductive, conductive ink, etc.


    Finally, in Robotics we seek to motivate and teach children to use new technologies and understand them from the beginning to integrate them into their daily lives.

    In Robotics you can do endless projects such as learning to make a greeting card that lights a led, a Robot that paints, a Motion Sensor, a Safe, etc.

    Almost all these projects integrate a part of electrical circuit and another part of programming. Learning to use them in a fun way is our goal.