This activity is fun and very entertaining. With it you can create magical and colorful places and landscapes. Anything, be it landscape, object, animal or person, can be drawn like this.

Activity time: minimum 30 minutes

Difficulty: easy

Age : from 5-6 years


  • A4 or A3 paper, depending on the size of the drawing you want to make
  • Pencil
  • Rubber
  • Markers of different colors



Steps to follow:

1. Think of some reason you want to draw, you can be anything.

2. Draw it first with the pencil.




3. Review each item with a marker color.

4. For example, the cat is light brown throughout. Inside, we have made lines of different colors, always following the same color order to give a feeling of rhythm.
The same goes for the lighthouse landscape. If you look, each rock has two different colors. one lighter and one darker. The lighthouse also plays with different greens.

5. You see adding lines and line colors in your drawing.

6. Look how we have made the cat carpet. In the drawing above, the mat is still drawn in pencil. Now we already have it painted with lines. To make it a dynamic carpet, we have chosen to make ripples in the carpet, thus imitating some rugs. It has also been played with different colors: dark blue, turquoise blue and light green. In this way we have made a color gradient that is visually very fun.




7. Little by little, the drawing takes shape and becomes something different from the original drawing.

You can make the lines: wavy, straight, with shapes, etc. The important thing is that in each element, they have the same meaning. For example, look at the lines on the cat’s tail or those on the head. We have started by making a line shape and have maintained it.

8. Now we put the last lines and we already have it so beautiful. Notice:




9. Finally, remember that this drawing is not intended to be realistic, but quite the opposite. Make your own world of lines and enjoy the colors.




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