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Ballon Rocket Car

With this activity   Ballon Rocket Car   (Rocket car) are learned   physics and engineering concepts in a fun way . Lets go see it! Material needed:        – paperboard   18 x 21 cm (you can make the measurement you want)      – 4 bottle caps the same size      – Wood sticks      – Drinking straws with […]

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This week in the Saleta de Creació, we have practiced the technique of Chromatography that has to do with colors and separation of colors . In the Saleta de Creació we bet on a way of teaching that provides the child with tools that can be extrapolated to other fields. From our point of view, trial-error technique is a […]

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Playing with the Greek masks. Two weeks ago we are playing with the Greek masks. The first week, we explain to the children the origin of the theater and the masks and then, after observing the Greek masks, we draw ours thinking of the character we would like to be.     María and Ana, […]

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Symmetry and Mandalas Workshop

Symmetrical drawings The symmetrical drawings convey harmony since visually they are more balanced. This week we practiced symmetry with children. We have drawn a quarter of the drawing and they have completed the rest taking into account the dimensions, shapes and proportions.   Reflection symmetry Symmetry is a concept that is a bit abstract and […]

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Stained glass

The stained-glass windows change the light that enters the room turning it into a room full of magic and colors. In the Gothic, colored stained-glass windows were placed in churches and cathedrals. In this way, the church was filled with colors and created an extraordinary space. At that time there were master craftsmen who dedicated […]

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Monotype and Screen Printing

The stamp is a printing process used to obtain a design. In this activity we have contrasted 2 types of stamping: monotype and screen printing. The Monotype is so called because of each print you get only one (mono-type) print of good quality. Usually, the monotype is made with a metal plate on which it […]

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