This book is a magic book. Why? Keep reading and you will see…

I can give you a hint…animals become other animals…animals that have never been seen and are not known.

How do you think they will be done?

Let’s see it!

Activity time : 1.5 hours approx.

Difficulty: low

Age : From 5 years


  • 3 sheets of A4 paper
  • Any type of thread that is a little chubby, such as wool, a bow, finite rope you have…If you don’t, use a stapler.
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Felt pens
  • Eraser
  • 1 rule

Steps to follow :

1. Take the 3 sheets of paper and put them together, then fold them in half. It looks like a small book.

2. Now, take the thread and pass it where you have folded it. At the end make a knot or a bow so that the leaves are well tied. Look like this.

3. We close and see that we have made a small booklet with 6 sheets. If you want, you can decorate the cover now or later.

4. Rotate the book, lay it flat and open it to the front page.

With the ruler and pencil divide each sheet in three columns that have the same dimensions. It is important that the sheets have the columns in the same place so that the drawings fit together.

We only draw on the sheets on the right, those on the left are blank.

5. On the columns you have drawn in pencil, make small marks with the pencil so that the back and belly of the animals always coincide.

Maybe it’s easier for you to make the first drawing well centered and then place the marks on the back and belly. Remember that once you have marked these points, on the other sheets you must mark them in the same place. They will help us a lot to make the magic book look good.

6. Draw the animal you want, on each sheet, taking into account the marks you have drawn.

You have to do them all in the same direction. If you put your head to the left, all animals must have their heads to the left.

7. When you have it s painted animals, cut each sheet along the line you’ve marked…like in the picture:

8. And we have the Book of Magical Animals done. Start playing with the leaves and you see each part of an animal combined with a different leaf.

You will see how original and rare animals appear!

Look at the one that we have made: it has a tiger’s face, a fish’s body and a pig’s tail!!!

The more different the animals the more fun!

Can you think of a name for these new animals?

Aniol’s Book of Magical Animals :

Aniol, 6 years old, has sent us this cute Book with her magical animals.

He has titled it, The Book of Fast Animals .

Let’s see it:

Here you have the cover

And here are its 3 magical animals.

Guess what they are?

Can you think of a name for these new animals?

Send us your book and we will post it!

Valora el post