This activity is very entertaining and fun for children as they learn to make, design and create their own dolls.

Approximate preparation time for the activity: it is done in two sessions to let the doll dry. So you will need 1h30 min the first day and then 1 hour to finish it and decorate it.

Difficulty: Medium

From : 6-7 years, depending on the child’s craft

Caution : with pliers, hot silicone and scissors.

Material :

  • Paper
  • Wire that is easy to mold
  • Round nose pliers
  • Diary paper
  • Kitchen paper
  • Tissue paper or tempera paint
  • Painter’s zeal, better if it’s the fine roll
  • White glue
  • Brushes
  • Plastic cups for white glue or paint
  • Hot or cold silicone

Steps to follow : 

1. Draw an outline of the doll you want to make on an A5. We have made this basic scheme.



2. Cut a wire of approximately 60 cm and bend the tips so as not to prick yourself.

3. Fold the wire in half to make it symmetrical and start making the head with a round.

4. Review the doll you made on paper with the wire. You start with the head in a circle and then join the two wires in the neck linking them. Without cutting the wire at any time, follow the doll. Now we go through the arms and return. From each side to join in the bust. Here we reconnect the two wires and make the legs.



Here is a video for you to see:




5. Cut several strips of wide newspaper and fold them into several parts so they are thick. Then you see them putting them on the doll. Use the painter’s zeal to hook the newspaper pieces. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look pretty.

The important thing is that it is a bit thick and with volume.



6. If you see that it is very thin, add another layer of newspaper.




7. When you have put enough newspaper and it seems to you that the doll is quite thick, add a single layer of painter’s zeal.


8. Now take the white tail dissolved in a little water and apply it on the doll . You see putting strips of paper towels on the glue to have a more pleasant texture. You can make 2 layers.

Let stand and dry.
















9. Now you can design your doll on a sheet. It is better to draw and color it before to see the combination of colors and think if you wear a hat, scarf, or how you want to do it, etc …
It does not have to be a drawing with much detail but to help you make the scheme.















10. When you are clear, make the colors to paint. You can combine paint and tissue paper.

11. Do you remember how skin color is made with paint?

Mix Red + Yellow + White … You have to look for the amounts that are suitable to make the skin color you like.

12. If you want to paint it , do it with tempera paint. You can make the colors yourself.

13. If you want to put tissue paper , look for several colors of tissue paper and make small cuts to put them with white glue. If you see that the paper does not stick, add white glue.



14. When you have finished painting it or sticking the tissue paper, you can do the hair and the face .

You can do the hair in many ways: with strips of tissue paper, with different types of yarn (it depends on your character). Paste it with hot or cold silicone.

You can put on a hat, a cap, or whatever you can think of.


Hair made with strips of tissue paper:



Hair made with wool: you just have to gather a few threads of wool of the same size and with another thread I make a knot in the middle. Then paste it with silicone.
















Cap made with paper:



To make the face, you can practice the expression on a sheet first and then with a marker you repeat it on the doll.


15. Let it dry and you will have your doll made!


You can make more dolls or animals using the same method. If you don’t know how to do it, look for simple design templates.


Here are some pictures of the dolls that the children have made.

You can do whatever you want.




We have also made a small theater to play with the doll.

If you are interested, check the following activity as do!!!




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