Using the same type of cardboard, we have also made Christmas balls. They are beautiful and you can decorate them as you want.


Difficulty : Low

Caution with : hot silicone

Approximate time of the activity : minimum 30 minutes


Material :

  • Corrugated paperboard. In this activity if it is necessary that the corrugated cardboard is. Some cartons are smooth on both sides. To have a corrugated part, it is as easy as taking off one of the sheets without breaking the corrugated cardboard.
  • Hot or cold silicone
  • Tempera
  • Decoration you have at home such as glitter, tissue paper, etc.
  • Brushes
  • Water
  • Threads to hang the ball, of different textures and colors or it can also be transparent
  • Ruler
  • Scissors


Steps to follow to make the cardboard Christmas Balls :

1.To make the round Cardboard Christmas Balls, first make a mold on an elongated cardboard.

We have taken a strip of cardboard of 65 x 6 cm and, on this, we have drawn a very elongated rectangle.

2.Make a mold with this strip and so you won’t have to constantly make the rectangle.



It looks like this:




3.Make sure you leave the cardboard undulations vertically so that it can be easily folded.

4.When you have it, cut it and try to roll it starting at the widest part to the tip to see the shape you have left.

5.If you want the ball to be longer, you have to make the triangle higher and narrower. Try it, so you’ll know how you like it best!

Here you can see different shapes, depending on the triangle size they come out more or less round.



6.Now you just have to paint or decorate the ball to your liking. Can paint, glitter hooking, flocos snow zeal washi -tape, etc …

7.When dry, roll the cardboard and glue the tip with cold silicone or hot silicone.

8.Finally , put a thread to hang it from the tree. You can decorate the thread if you wish.


Look how beautiful they are!!





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