Follow our online classes from home

Do you want to continue drawing and doing crafts?

For these days that we are confined, La Saleta is still online !!!

We offer you the possibility of doing crafts from home.

How does online classes work?

Bag with Material + Online class with our teachers.

If you want to do the classes online, you just have to send us a WhatsApp or call us at 616.19.85.26 to reserve your surprise bag.

The idea is that to do the activity you go to look for the surprise bag. In it you will find all the necessary material for the online class.

To make it more surprising, it is best if you save it and open it just before class.

Every week we do a different activity and we have different bags like this one, which has a bag and another package with cardboard and some leaves in the middle.

Or this one that is simpler:

You decide how long you want to do class and what day of the week. You can choose between 1 hour or 1.5 hours.

And on the day of class, we send you a link so you can connect to the class online. Normally we use Google Meet as a platform to teach classes. It is best to connect 5-10 minutes before class to check that the video and audio work well.

Online classes are conducted by our teachers María and Cris.

You will be able to see them, talk and interact with them and if you have any questions, they will help you solve them.

Here you can see María and Cris doing the online class:











What happens if that day I have a bad connection and I can’t follow the class?

For all those who have a bad connection, cannot see or hear us, you just have to tell us and we will send you some small videos of how the activity is carried out.

If the child has doubts, you can send us a video and we will help you solve the problems that arise.

What kinds of activities do you do?

We do activities that do not mess. We prefer to opt for cut and paste activities, draw, we use pencils and markers and glue. Some days we do very simple experiments.

All the material you need is in the bag that we give you. You will see that we always put a little more in case you are wrong.

To make this Advent calendar:

We prepare this bag with all this material:











Here are some examples of activities done so far, such as the birthday Pop-up card, the gummy bear experiment, the drawing of a tiger and a long-eared gerbil, or the Celery experiment.

We have many more experiments and activities designed to do online.

Ask us for your bag and enjoy from home!

Here are some images of some of the activities done:

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