We have come back wanting to start the course.

Summer has helped us to rest and have fun …. and now it’s time to CREATE !

We have loved meeting with the children. We have seen older and grown… and they are even more naughty… ????

This course continue with our proposal : we make painting for children and adults Robotics Projects or Tinkering and Crafts .

The activities are all done in one same space .

We like the synergies that are created when children can see what others are doing… somehow awakes more curiosity and learn to live with other activities or interests.

It is very interesting to see how young and older children do the same activity with different difficulties. Everyone learns things at their own rate.

We often find very young children who have a lot of craftsmanship and this allows them to do older things, which motivates them.

The elderly, meanwhile, learn to relate and help the little ones if necessary.


We make personalized attention, observing the needs of children and adapting to their mood according to the day.



This year our intention is to dedicate the Monday to do Tinkering .

The Tinkering is a concept born in the US that seeks to accompany children to create their own projects. The idea is that the Saleta of Creació have adequate teachers so that the child can do any project that wants to either Robotics, Programming or Artistic.

We want to explore this interesting and stimulating concept with children to provide them with tools and teach them that many of their ideas can be carried out.


On TuesdaysWednesdays and Thursdays they are dedicated to doing activities that provide children with tools, whether in Crafts Painting or Projects .

Thus, for example, we believe it is important that children learn to make their own colors. Therefore, we only use the primary colors in the classroom, or teach them to do Plastilina …we feel like Makers and help children to explore.










Finally, on Fridays we will dedicate them to do Family Workshops. We believe it is important to provide a leisure space for parents and children. Sharing a fun moment helps to have a good relationship.




Classes Painting for adults, are Wednesday from 16:30 to 19:30 and takes Andrés Moya, artist and teacher at the Cercle Artistic of Sant Lluc .

According to Andrés, “To paint well, you have to stain well “. With it you will learn to draw and paint from the Stain . Although this concept seems simple, it has its trick and it is very good to learn it from a good teacher.


On some Friday afternoons, Maria Papallardi will hold her Drink & Draw workshopswhere Maria will propose a drawing theme and we will paint it while we listen jazz music, have a glass of wine or soda and a small “picapica” . These sessions are usually quite relaxing and are a good way to start the weekend.



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