This year we wanted to use recyclable materials to make our Christmas decoration. We often forget that many of the materials we have around and that we throw away, can be used to make crafts. Therefore, and since Christmas is common to have many gifts, we have chosen the Cardboard to do things.


Difficulty : Low

Caution with : hot silicone

Approximate time of the activity : minimum 40 minutes





  • Cardboard . Search for your around and see if you have cardboard boxes that you can use. We often have packages from Amazon or other places that arrive in large boxes.

These types of boxes are perfect for us!

We had a roll of cardboard and we took advantage of it.

  • Silicone cold of the Abacus , which is for children or silicone hot.
  • Tempering or markers
  • Brushes
  • Water
  • Kitchen paper
  • Scissors
  • Different types of thread: it can be transparent, colored, thread to make bracelets, etc .: this thread will help you hang the balls you make or for Christmas strips .
  • Scraps of papers you have at home .
  • Washi tape, glitter, transparent snow flocks (optional), plastic eyes, pom poms, plastic beads : all this is optional. We can use it for decoration
  • Cookie making molds (optional)



Steps to follow to make the CHRISTMAS STRIPS :

1.Take a piece of cardboard a little big and make the drawings you want to appear on your Christmas strip. You can make stars, moons, hearts, little houses, etc … anything you can think of.

We, to facilitate the work for children, have used kitchen cookie molds.



For each drawing, do 2. If you want to put a star, you must make 2 to hang them with the thread in between. If you put 2, you give more firmness and stability to the Christmas strip.



We have used this corrugated cardboard that we already had at school. Ours is smooth on one side and wavy on the other. You can take the cardboard you want.

2.Cut out the figures you have made. Make sure they are an even number to hang 2 by 2.

3.Paint and decorate the figures. You can decorate them with paint, washi- cap, glitter, etc … enjoy decorating them!

You can do as many as you want. In fact, the more you do, the prettier the Christmas strip is. If you can, make at least 5 figures X 2. (10 in total)

Here I show you some that the children have done:




If you use corrugated cardboard, you can choose to use the corrugated texture to give more relief to your figures or to use the smooth face of the cardboard. It’s up to you!

4.It is possible that the figures, when painted, will be bent. Nothing happens. When we paste them with silicone, they will be straight, so suffer.



5.Let the figures dry and while preparing the thread you want and if you want to put decoration gaps in the thread. You can take colored thread, transparent, thicker, finer, whichever you want!

6.Now , make a knot in the thread to hang it and start gluing the figures. 1 on each side. You can use cold silicone or hot silicone.

7.If you want to decorate the thread, you can put beads from necklaces, pieces of heat, etc. between figure and figure.



8.To finish, let it dry and you can hang it!!!



Here a detail:





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