When we think of making sculptures with children, we usually associate it with clay or with something that is easy to manipulate, such as wire.

However, there are many other materials with which to build three-dimensional things with children such as cardboard, wood, plastic or paper.

On this occasion, we have made some paper sculptures that children can make.

Activity time: 20-30 min. Approx.

Difficulty: Low-medium

Age: from 6 years.

How is a Swan made of paper? Let’s see it.


  • Kitchen paper or toilet paper
  • Zeal
  • Creativity

Steps to follow:

1. To make the Swan, we have divided the activity into 3 steps: making the neck, body and wings of the swan.

2. For the Swan’s neck, take two pieces of kitchen paper and roll them up intertwined, as shown in the photo.

You can put zeal somewhere to make it more consistent and the way you have done.

Create your own paper sculpture Create your own paper sculpture

3. For the body, make an oval-shaped paper ball and a small tail at the end. Put zeal around it if you want to keep it in shape.

When you have it, use the heat to hit it with the neck.

4. To make the wings, take an elongated strip of paper with a rectangular shape. Then if you can, try to make the tip a little rounded.

You can try to make the shape directly on the paper and if it does not come out, help yourself with zeal.

5. When you have finished shaping, hook the wings to the swan.

And now you have finished Swan!

Now up to you to invent other animals!

To make it easier for you, try to identify and divide the animal’s body parts. Start by making animals easy and you see complicating it little by little.

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