Learning to paint with paint may seem easy, however, we often find that children use paint and brushes as if they were markers or colored pencils.

Each medium, whether marker pen or paint, has a proper way of being used, you just have to learn to use the tools well.

In this case we will see what are the tools of Painting.

Activity preparation time: 1 hour

Difficulty: Low

What will you learn? : To use the brushes properly for each type of painting and you will learn to make the longest hand gesture to paint the background.

Material :

  • Several round brushes of different thicknesses
  • Several flat brushes of different thicknesses
  • 1 or 2 brushes to paint large backgrounds
  • Tempera paint of different colors
  • A4 sheets
  • 1 Large Sheet to paint a background

Steps to follow :

First we will differentiate the different types of brushes we have.



We have several types of brushes: some with the round tip, others with the flat tip and the brushes.


Types of brushes

Within each category of brush, whether round or flat, there are different thicknesses. Normally, brushes have a number to specify the thickness. The smaller the number, the smaller the tip of the brush.

The finest brushes , those of the numbers 1 and 2, have a finer stroke and serve to paint small, detailed things.

The thickest brushes , those of numbers 8 and 10, have a wider stroke and serve to paint larger surfaces.


Learn to use brushes correctly

You have to learn to use the brushes correctly so that what we are painting is not very coarse – because it does not allow you to do the detail well, nor very retouched because you have often passed the brush through the same place.

If we use finite brushes on a large surface, it will take longer and we will notice that we have had to spend many times with the brush.


When to use round tip or flat tip brushes?

Round tip brushes are more suitable for painting in general . With them you usually paint most things like a character, a cloud, a bird, a car, etc …

Flat-tip brushes serve to draw straight lines . Normally we use them to make walls of houses, architecture, long lines, etc.


¿ When using the brush?

The brush being very wide is used to paint large or very large surfaces .

For example, if you want to paint the bottom of a cardboard it is better to use the brush.

To understand it, I propose that you try to paint a cardboard with a finite brush. Do you think it will take a long time? Does it fit you the same?

And now try the brush! Surely you have gone much faster and that the paint is distributed more evenly.


Let’s practice using the different brushes!

1.On an A4 sheet, we will make lines with the different brushes. We will start with those with round tips.

2.Put paintings and you see making lines with the different brushes. Look closely at the thickness of the line and the agility with which the brush moves.

Often, we observe that children take the brushes as if they were markers.

The brush, to the contrary of the marker, is taken with more delicacy and the stroke that is made is also more delicate.

3.Now try the flat tip brushes . Also observe the different thicknesses and the difference of painting with a round brush.



Also try curves with brushes, to see which brush you find most comfortable.

Look how beautiful it is just doing tests!

4.Take the brush and make a large stroke. Remember to put a lot of paint on it !!!


Let’s paint with the brush!



1.On an elongated paper draw something at one end, like these clouds.

2.And paint the bottom with the brush. Make long hand movements, it will be more beautiful.

3.Only when you are near the clouds, if you want you can change brush, and make shorter movements to better shape the clouds.


It looks very pretty!




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