This week we wanted to practice the Axonometric Perspective with the children . This perspective is very different From the perspective of the Vanishing Point, where the size of the elements depends on the position of the observer and his point of view (more from below or above)

The Axonometric Perspective is done with parallel lines and seeks to represent the elements without taking into account the point of view of the observer.

This perspective refers to the 3 orthogonal axes: Height, width and length.

The objects that are represented retain their proportions in each of these directions.

It is a very abstract concept and difficult to explain.

For that reason, so that it was not very complicated to understand this idea, we have started doing small introductory exercises.


Months ago , we did a class dedicated to drawing lines and circles – you can see the post-.

In one of the drawings made with lines, they made a snake whose optical effect seemed three-dimensional.

In those drawings, we started practicing to let go of the hand.

The children had to make many parallel lines by hand!

Now, with this exercise, the children have practiced as the squads operate as parallel lines with 2 brackets are made.

Since we do not need to measure, but simply that they fulfill their function, we have made squares of cardboard for all children. Whenever possible, we must bet on the recycling of the material !


All the children, even the youngest ones of 4 years, have loved to learn to put the squares correctly to make lines of colors. Some of the exercises are so beautiful that they are already a drawing themselves.

Then, we have complicated the class a bit more by explaining how we can move from a square to a three-dimensional square , with the parallels.

First we have done it drawing and then even with papers.

Once they have learned to draw parallels, it is easier to understand that the square is formed by parallel lines and that they could do it themselves.

The paper has helped us explain it in more detail.

By cutting 2 equal shapes, in this case 2 squares and superimposing them, we could see how we practically already had a three-dimensional square and only needed to link them.

In this way, the more complicated parallels, which are those of the union have been very obvious.

Seeing that they understood, we have taught to make other shapes such as triangle, rectangle, hexagon, star, etc.

It seems easy but it requires practice and time!


Finally, we have been able to make a more fun drawing with all the concepts learned.

Children, seeing our model, we have seen that it serves this kind of perspective …. We have drawn a city, with houses, streets, cars, buses, basketball court ….













And here are some of your Super Drawings !!!! It seems incredible that in 1 hour they could understand so many things, even those of 4 years old !!!!! Bravooooo everyone ! Congratulations!!!


Sofía has drawn La Saleta de Creació in her city !! What a surprise!

At the end of the class, with so much concentration, the children were tired … but very satisfied !





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